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PitchBox Marketing Pack

Simplifying scouting and due diligence for Impact based Angel Networks, VC Funds, Corporate Funds, or Startup Accelerators with the PitchBox. 

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What is the PitchBox?

The PitchBox tool, powered by StartupFuel & AI,  is deal flow management software built specifically for startup investors and funds globally.  Using our easy to use solution, firms can run intake, collaborate & review startup pitches all in one place. The front end simplifies the process  for startup founders to apply to your PitchBox, while ensuring  that analysts can be equally efficient with managing and reviewing applications, truly a win-win for both sides. 
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Importance Of Diversity in Venture Investing

Diversity drives innovation - when we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve.

Introducing SDG into Venture Capital Thesis

PitchBox Features

Filter Startups

Save time by filtering out deals that don't fit your thesis.

Team Collaboration

Internal & external team members to assist in virtual due diligence.

Review Companies

A state of the art review system to shortlist the best deals for your fund.

Targeted Marketing

Promote your fund to specific startups based on your thesis.

About StartupFuel

The main goal of StartupFuel is to reduce the failure rate of every startup on our platform. We help founders succeed by using data and intelligence to match them with resources that are best fit for their type of business. Resources available from startup enablers can truly help companies sustain themselves and launch them to the next level of their business. Raising capital and securing funding is extremely important for founders and investment funds need access to relevant deal flow.

How to get started?

  • Sign up & list your firm on the explore directory for founders to follow
  • StartupFuel verification/unlock PitchBox feature 
  • Support with StartupFuel team member to set up application
  • Launch PitchBox (firm details & thesis)
  • PitchBox Settings (edit form questions, invite team members, etc.)
  • 14-day trial (StartupFuel team will be in touch after trial period ends)
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Due Diligence Anywhere

Whether you are traveling on a plane, or working from home, the PitchBox is mobile friendly allowing you to review deal flow from anywhere in the world.

Research Based Review System 

Comes in built with a state of the art due diligence review system to convert subjective due diligence into quantifiable due diligence.

Customizable Settings

Feature rich settings to control the intake form, the review criteria, managing team and automating communication to applicants. 

Ready to launch a PitchBox but have a few questions?

If our FAQ's below don't cover it, you can also speak to us!
Feel free to contact us via email, social channels, or message us in the chat on the lower right of your screen. 


Who can use StartupFuel's PitchBox?

Who can use StartupFuel's PitchBox?

If you are a Startup Investor, the PitchBox is for you! Whether you are just launching or a more established fund, you can start using our software! We welcome funds who are sector agnostic or industry specific and can be based anywhere in the world.

What's the difference between using Typeform/Google Forms, excel, our own website, other software etc.?

Why should we use the PitchBox compared to other options?

It's not just a tool, you are joining a startup ecosystem. Online forms are extremely limited and typically only used for the initial application.  Spreadsheets can be tedious and not easy to use for all team members. Your own website needs to drive traffic and once you have received pitches via email/form, how do you sort the data? There are different CRM tools available as well but we pride ourselves on simplicity, affordability and transparency. StartupFuel is an online ecosystem for the startup sector so our PitchBox tool complements our network. Our tool can be used by all ages/technical abilities, you shouldn't have to start learning how to use a complex system when trying to become a more efficient organization! No need to contact us for a quote, you can see our pricing above and more importantly, our PitchBox tool is an investment, it should be saving your fund both time and money.

I've already registered on

I've already registered our company on

That's great and we are glad to have you join our community. You are currently listed in our directory of members but your PitchBox hasn't been launched yet. Click on the link above and we'll be in touch with how to get started.

Am I committed to a long-term contract?

Am I committed to a long-term contract?

No, we give you full control of your plan! You pay a fixed monthly fee - if you would like to cancel, email us 24 hours before your next payment at

How does the marketing option work?

How does the marketing option work? 

You may continue to spend your ad budget on mainstream social networks but we encourage you to use StartupFuel's marketing option as a very targeted channel for relevant deal flow. We have proven that quality over quantity is what makes our platform more valuable compared to alternative options. For example, you could receive 10 clicks on your ad and 0 relevant leads vs on StartupFuel, 5 clicks could mean that 2 leads are ready to apply to your fund Our platform was built to filter out the noise and let you market to a much more relevant/engaged audience. Pricing varies based on how many companies you wish to target that fit within your thesis. Please get in touch with us for further information about our marketing service. 

What methods of payment do you take?

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept any major debit/credit card. Details can be found on our payment page.

Launch a PitchBox Today!

You can try our software for 14 days at no cost! Simply add your VC firm, enter your thesis & launch your PitchBox! 

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